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Say goodbye to the days of clipping rock climbing shoes to your backpack. With this re-activatable odor filtering insert, you will be able to store shoes inside any bag or car without odor contamination to gear, clothes, and the bag itself.
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Any shoe size or 2 pairs of small. Coming soon.
I love my odopac! I use it every single day and have been very happy with it. Often times I climb before work so I have to leave my shoes in my car, before this was an issue and now it is not anymore. I am more than happy with it and I have recommended it to all of my friends!
- Tyler R.
verified customer
Great product! I'm a big fan of packing cubes, so when I travel, I treat the odopac like another one and put in my shoes and liquid chalk for when I am heading out of town
- Barbara L.
verified customer
I love my odopac! Helps me go from the climbing gym to class without the funk
- Andrew S.
verified customer

Activated Carbon Cloth

A breathable fabric that removes organic odor compounds from gases. Activated carbon cloth has a permeable microporous structure which results in rapid filtering capabilities. Odopac’s industrial grade activated carbon cloth is layered between sustainably sourced cotton cloth.

Safe Shoe Storage

Our simple three-layer system is designed to be highly breathable while capturing the odor that prevents most climbers from packing rock climbing shoes in backpacks. Keeping bacteria from growing inside in your backpack and shoes as well.

Sustainable Odor Absorption

Reactivate the carbon cloth's odor removing capabilities by placing in direct sunlight for ten minutes, or use a hair dryer to heat the bag. Necessary about once every year.
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Take care of your climbing shoes and they'll take care of you. This smart bag is lined with a layer of activated carbon cloth that pulls stank and moisture from your shoes. Reactivate the carbon by heating it with a hairdryer or strong sunlight, just once a year.