Frequently Asked Questions
What is activated carbon cloth?
Odor filtering capabilities are achieved through removing organic compounds from gases by a process known as “adsorption.” Adsorption is a process whereby molecules stick to the surface area. Activated carbon cloth has an extremely large surface area of (1000-2000m2/g) and a permeable microporous structure which results in rapid adsorption. The odor sticks to the surface area of the carbon particles while allowing clean air to pass through.
Whats wrong with clipping my shoes to my backpack?
To avoid the odor problem, most climbers choose to clip their shoes to the outside of their bag or carry them by hand. Climbers who commute by car experience discomfort from climbing shoes contaminating their car due to inability to put shoes inside of air sealed bags. Heat and non-breathable bags can exacerbate the odor causing bacteria and further your problem.
Can I wash it?
Hand wash with a damp cloth as needed, do not machine wash. Flooding the activated carbon cloth with soap will decrease its odor filtering capabilities.
How long will it last?
Activated carbon cloth is easily reactivated though heat, using a hairdryer or simply placing the bag in direct sunlight for an afternoon will bring your bag back to approximately 90% life after 1 year. By hand washing your odopac and reactivating once a year your odopac will retain its odor absorbing capabilities for years.