Made for climbers –
    by climbers    

Made for climbers – by climbers

As a former Team USA competition rock climber, Dillon Moody traveled to hundreds of rock climbing competitions around the world. While competing in both bouldering and speed climbing, his daily practice commutes and monthly travels to competitions were burdened by non-breathable, rubber rock climbing shoes.
We are dedicated rock climbers who know the struggle of what climbing shoe odor can do to backpacks, cars, and other small spaces. We simply want to help climbers from this contamination for two reasons; personal hygiene, and reduce the amount of backpacks and bags that become ruined and are thrown away.
Our Activated Carbon Cloth is supplied from Chemviron EU, a leading global manufacturer of carbon cloth. The exterior layer that protects the Activated Carbon Cloth is from Carr Textiles. Located in Fenton Missouri USA, Carr is known for achieving environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes. These two textiles are extremely breathable, which is key for keeping shoes from exacerbating bacteria growth within bags.
This three-layer system utilizing activated carbon cloth allows climbers to store shoes inside of bags and cars without odor contamination. Our prototypes have been in testing for two years and the results are unbelievable, the days of clipping climbing shoes to the outside of your backpack are finally over.